SC Toolkit (Minimods for Sven Co-op Half Life) by EB/Xoleras

Add these to your //addons/ folder and add the references to metamod:
**The directories are set up differently in Linux**

win32 addons\stuffswapper\ss_mm.dll
win32 addons\rank\rank_mm.dll

For Sven Co-op 5.x
Currenct Listing:
rank: gives players a permanent rank based on frags (per 100)
stuffswapper: inspired by the ut99 counterpart, 
replaces pickup items with the items specified in stuff.txt

Last Updated: 5/14/2018

rank was last tested on Sven Co-op
stuffswapper was last tested Sven Co-op

Other games
Both addons should work in other goldsource games using any metamod,
however they have never been tested on them. Stuffswapper may be
indifferent to precache absences in this case, meaning you will have
to precache your desired items in a different way if they are not
already precached.